Backing up and Restoring Your System
From "Unix Unleashed", by Chris Byers.

Disaster Recovery Presentation

11 Common Unix Backup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Using a mksysb Image to Install the BOS on a NIM Client

Creating Bootable Tapes (AIX)

Introduction to Backup Installations

Backing Up Your System (AIX)

Developing a Backup Strategy (AIX)

AIX/HP-UX Interoperability Guide - Backups

AIX Frequently Asked Questions - Backups, Tape

The World of Spike's AIX -Backup Notes

Using 5Gb Tape (AIX)

Packaging Software for Installation (AIX)

Backup of raw LV (AIX)

General Volume Group Recovery (AIX)

rmt Special file
I always seem to forget what the numbers mean, so I am including this... perhaps if I spent more time with AIX I'd burn it in. :)


ADSM - Pre-Sale FAQ

ADSM Client Disaster Recovery: Bare Metal Restore

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