UNIX: General Interest

Unix Guru Universe
All sorts of Unix links.
Geek-Girl's Homepage
USAIL: Unix System Administration Online Education Course
How deep is your love? Take the acid test, and maybe learn a thing or two. This does not center on one flavour of Unix.
Rice University Space Physics & Astronomy - Computing resources
Coping With Unix, A Survival Guide
Solid general information about different Unix types. All the basics.
Tamaki's Personal Help Page - Unix Notes
UNIX Unleashed, Internet Version
A chapter from Chris Byers book "UNIX Unleashed" online.
Wantabe Unix Page
Using and Porting GNU CC (TOC)


System Diary
This is an interesting item. This person must have done a lot of web management, to make an online diary of changes to the system (like changes to pages). Interesting reading.
BCF UNIX Cluster
Drexel Beowulf Computer

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Revised: September 7, 1999