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HP-UX Common Desktop Environment Information

HP Documentation Site

Software Porting and Archive Centre for HP-UX

Ignite-UX, the HP-UX image install facility


Configuring HP-UX for Peripherals
A listing of each and every file you can configure, and how to do it.

System Recovery using IGNITE-UX

HP/9000 Related Useful Links

Ignite-UX Cold Installations

Automating UNIX installations with HP Ignite and Solaris JumpStart


Document Search Service
Why can't IBM just come out and say something! I get so tired of reading through 10 books to find an answer. This was the answer to my prayers!

IBM Redbooks

RS/6000 System Product Documentation
Installation documentation for most popular pieces of hardware.

IBM RS/6000 Publicatons

IBM RS/6000 Redbooks Collection

AIX Version 4.3 Base Documentation
Also an alternate link.

All About AIX Version 4.1 Table of Contents

The World of Spike's AIX

AIX-RS/6000 support


Sunsolve Online

SunExpert Online Archive

Stokely Consulting
At one time, I considered this one of the finest places to get Sun/Solaris information.

Sun-Managers Mailing List Archive

Solaris Info


Digital Unix Homepage

Digital Unix Online Documentation


The FreeBSD Project
Move over Linux! If you have ever had problems installing/running Linux, give FreeBSD a try; you will be pleasantly surprised.

FreeBSD: using a serial console


AIX/HPUX Interoperability Guide V.2

The Linux+FreeBSD mini-HOWTO

Starshine Technical Services: Resources
Linux and miscellaneous resources (FreeBSD, et al.). Some links to non-Unix Xwindows resources.

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