I understand that this is a rather broad page, but until I break it down it follows the following categories:

Medieval and Renaissance Dance
Medieval & Folk Midi and Music
Medieval Drama and Prose
Medieval Games
SCA Entertainment

Medieval and Renaissance Dance

SCA Music and Dance Homepage
Self descriptive.

Early Music Resources on the Web
A link page to scads of music resources.

Sources for Scottish & Celtic Culture
A list of homepages and archives dealing with Scottish country dancing.

Women's Circle Dance Songs
Interesting 11th through 13th century songs, if you are into spirituality.

Ellisif's Music & Dance Page
Miscellaneous references.

Early Music & Dance
Links to pages from all over.

Renaissance Dance
Translations of period sources, very cool!

Russell Almond's Early Dance Music
A site put together by Mustapha al-Muhaddith. Very nice also!

Understanding 15th Century Italian Dance
By Master William Redcape of Iron Mountain. An in-depth look at Italian dancing.

Dances of France and Burgundy
Explanations of the common dance steps to bransles, pavanes, galliards, and courantes.

Music of the Period Explained
Links to music, midis, and other items of interest.

Articles about Dance
Nice summary of dance, listings of books and CDs.

A 15th Century Ghwazee Wedding Dance
I'm just klutzy enough to do European medieval dancing, but the article was just too good to pass up.

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Medieval Music

SCA Dance CDs and Books

Medieval & Folk Midi and Music

O'Brian Castle
Midi's and other information for the historical buff.

Scottish Folk Songs

The MIDI Directory - Folk Music MIDI Sites

Turlogh O'Carolan Celtic Harp Links
Has some midi references, but above all harp links.

The Music of Ireland
Out of all the Irish Pages, I like this one best... the layout is simple and not overdone with decoration.

Pat's Wee Bit O' The Irish Music

The Jordan-O'connel Memorial Celtic MIDI Archive
This one is kind of interesting, there is even some original pieces...

Ancient Music of Ireland

Traditional Irish Music Page

Cecil's Irish and Celtic Page

Irish Celtic Music MIDI Page

Celtic MIDI Tunes

Celtic MIDI Collection

Sites Offering Irish Music MIDI Files
I've picked out quite a few that tickled my fancy, however they may keep a more up to date list that I will.

Medieval Drama and Prose

The Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre History Page

Medieval Drama Links

Everyman (after 1485)

Corpus of Middle English Prose and Verse - Everyman

Humanitites Text Initiative

So you want to produce a Passion Play?

Labyrinth Library: Middle English

The Towneley Plays
This and the York Plays are the closest I have come to actual scripts for passion plays. I'll warn you now, you need to know a little about Middle English to understand what is going on.

The York Plays

Troilus and Creseyde

The Canterbury Tales and Troilus and Criseyde (Reader Friendly Version)

The Vision of Piers Plowman

VoS English Literature: Anglo-Saxon and Medieval

VoS English Literature: Renaissance

Medieval Games

Medieval & Renaissance Games

SCA Entertainment

SCA Minstrel Homepage

SCA Stories

SCA Songs

Brendan O Corraidhe
I include this man, because he used to be the Premier Bard of Ansteorra. There isn't much to his page, but there are a few works to look at.

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