Who are these people?


Medieval Naming Guide
All-important if you want to document your name.

Good Name Sources

Frequently Given Answers (That Are Wrong)

FAQ: What Books Should I Use to Document My Name?

Name Books to Avoid When Documenting SCA Names


Heraldry: The Primer

Heraldic Documentation Definitions
Don't know your ILoI from your ILoAR? Check here!

SCA - Heraldry
The page with links to the ordinary and armorial for our SCA

A site discussing aspects of heraldry, by François Velde.

The American College of Heraldry Links Page
Lots and lots of links to heraldry sites.

The Great Hall of the Clans
A site devoted to geneology and heraldry in Scotland.

Heraldry on the Internet
Here is a site that also features some heraldic clip-art and programs for drawing a coat of arms from descriptions!

Medieval Flags and Banners

How Beastly is Your Persona?
An interesting look at what your device says about you.

Glencove Castle: Heraldry

Heraldry in Gilling Castle

The Yale: Heraldic Beast
The yale is my beast of choice... and this is the nicest page I've seen about them. By the way, my yale is a Bedford yale - with straight horns rather than curved.

Heraldic Games
So you want to be a herald? Here are some fun games. The only thing lacking is "Heraldic Twister".

SCA Heraldry

Who are these people?

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