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Personal Friend's Pages

L.E.E.s Home Page
My Boyfriend's Page with useful links to guns, gaming, and computer resources. If you are interested, here is a picture of us.
Detlef's Place
One of my friends pages...
CopyKat Creations
Great Recipies! Ever wonder how that restaurant made that dish? My friend Stephanie is a great cook...

Entertainers and Entertainment

The Unofficial Julie Brown Homepage
Miss Julie Brown in all her glory.
Web White & Blue
Voting resources... know the candidates and their platforms before you cast that ballot!
The Art Bell Web Site
If you are into paranormal and UFO stuff, I found this amusing (not entirely believable, but amusing -- use your brain).
The Story of Chess
I was facinated to find that Bj÷rn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson of ABBA wrote the music for this one.
Die beste Die ─rtze
A German-speaking rock band, whose music I was introduced to by friends in Swizerland.
World Currency Exchange
A currency converter... pretty cool!
Kat Black's Hot Links
The Nelson Family Star Trek Page
Center for the Easily Amused
This is an upcoming SCUBA/snorkelling event in Houston.
Sabria's Guide to Pern Online
I've always enjoyed the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey, and I found this site to be entertaining.
Disco Dancin' Site
Yet another dancing gif site; nice if you are easily amused... ;)
Ain't It Cool News
Nessie on the Net in Scotland!
Darwin Awards Official Home Page
The Obituary Page

"Wierd Al" Yankovic Links

R.O.C Linkbase - "Wierd Al" Yankovic"
Links and more links about my favorite comedic performer.
The Official "Wierd Al" Yankovic Web Page
You Don't Know Al!
Really spiffy Al quiz game...
Wierd Al: The Saga Begins
ALRIGHT!! New video to accompany the new Album (Running With Scissors) release 6/28/99. Check out the video... you wll never listen to American Pie the same way again!
Raven's Wierd Al Lists
Very strange lists of Wierd Al related items...

Monty Python Links

Stone Dead Productions presents Monty Python
Has to be the absolute best MP site I've visited. You can find scripts, sketches, multimedia stuff here.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Picture Gallery
The Holy Grail
Shakespearean Insulter
Monty Python's Daily Llama
Monty Python's Flying Circus
MontyPython.net The Ultimate Monty Python Site
Mr. Gumby's Monty Python Page

The Lord of the Rings

The One Ring - Tolkien Online
Absolutely gorgeous site.
Ringbearer.org: Movie News Site for Tolkien Trilogy
This one is pretty cool, see who they have picked to play what in the upcoming movie as they sign them...
New Line Cinema: The Lord of the Rings Movie Site

Hockey Pages

The Official Houston Aeros Homepage
The 1999 Turner Cup Champions!!
Houston Aeros and hockey pages
The International Hockey League
Hockey Information at The IHL Teams
Rules of the game, penalties, and additional Hockey 101.
Pro Ice Hockey
In the Crease
An online hockey magazine.

Weather and Cam Sites

NOAA Texas Weather
You can find all current watches and warnings here, among other things.
NOAA Interactive Weather Information Network
Texas Livecam List
WeatherNex: Weather Cams
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide
If you are a voyeur at heart, this is a page featuring MANY webcams from all over.
Ballpark Cam
A quick picture of the new ballpark in downdown Houston. I got tired of waiting for Sidewalk.Com to load all of it's advertising.
EarthCam - Webcam Network
They're still working out the bugs, but it has promise. The view from the book depository in Dallas is no big deal... poor taste or not.


Spacelink - Satellite Tracking
J-Pass Generator - Email
Use your home PC for SETI?
Help add compute power! You aren't doing anything with those extra cycles anyway...
Near Earth Object Dynamics Site
IAU Commission 26 Information Circulars
SPA News Circulars
Comet Observation Home Page
Comet Ephemerides
S.T.A.R Online: Starlink
Very interesting design, to easily get to any type of information on astronomical phenomena.

Wierd Science

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
Cool Science Websites
Experimente fuer jung und alt
Yeah, I know this is in German, but many of the links are in English... ;)

Midi Pages

Designs By Janis - Classic Rock Midi
Midi Files
Metal Midi's
Parrot Head Page
Betty's MIDI Page
The MIDI Farm Internet
Alleyway's MIDI
MIDI Mania
Holly's Disney Page
Clip-art and midi's for private use.
Okay, these aren't midis, but the .wavs are pretty cool.


I've really gotten turned on to Sailor Moon.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
This is a really cool site! Not all of Sailor Moon's TV shows have been dubbed into English, so here is the place to get the scoop on the other episodes. There's a lot more to the story!
David's Sailor Moon Page
Nimuway's New Sailor Moon Page
This site has Sailor Moon Solitaire... ;)

World Holidays

These generally have some personal meaning for me, but it is interesting to know what is happening elsewhere in the world.
Tanabata falls on my birthday. They don't always celebrate it on that day, but that is the "official" day. Wonderful cooincidence that one of my hobbies is astronomy. :)
Tanabata Festival - History
Tanabata Festival Information
Hiratsuka Tanabata Page
MIT Japanese "culture notes" - Tanabata
Tanabata - The Star Festival
Seventh Night of the Seventh Moon
Annual Calendar: July 7
Annual Calendar: April 8
Buddha's Birthday is my boyfriend's birthday, too.


You know, I keep killing my trees, and I only just found out that Blue Spruce doesn't do well indoors. OOOPS! Well, maybe I'll try again.
American Bonsai Society
Bonsai Web
Index of Bonsai Species
Bonsai Center

Exercise & Weight Loss

This is something I don't do enough of, but I am working on it.
At Home With Richard Simmons
I know folks like to make fun of him, but I think he's great. I believe him to be a genuine person. :) The videos are fun!
Tae-Bo Home Page
I haven't tried this, but it looks like fun. I have read a little about it, and the words of warning are that you should go slow and build up or you might pull something.
Denise Austin
This is just one bookmark for Denise Austin. I have a few of her videos, and she can really give a good workout.


As I publish a newsletter, sometimes this information comes in handy.
Copyright Registration Procedures>
Copyright Law and the Public Domain
Is that Photo In Public Domain?
When a Copyright Ends and the Public Domain Begins
Copyright Protection: What It Is, How It Works
What part of a Creative Work Does Copyright Protect?
Copyright for Collage Artists
CCCC-IP Guide to the Public Domain
Masterpiece Galleries Art Advice: Art & the Public Domain
When Works Pass into the Public Domain
Public Domain
How to Determine Copyright Status
Law Notes: Intellectual Property and CyberLaw
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
When Copying is Ok -- The 'Fair Use' Rule
Copyright's Commons
Opposing Copyright Extension
Music in the Public Domain
Copyright and Public Domain
Proof of Public Domain
NCSU Libraries: Public Domain
What is Protected? - A Quiz
Resources for Writers


I am hardly ever home, but when I am, I like to cook. Here are some sites for non-medieval cooking that I have found favor with.
Aunt Edna's Kitchen Utilities
Joe's Cyber Kitchen
Culinary Cafe

Map Links

Map Machine @ nationalgeographic.com
Microsoft Expedia maps
Maps of United States National Parks and Monuments
Panoramic Maps Collection
Census Tiger Mapping Service

Public Records

Free Public Record Sites
US Bankruptcy Clerks' Office-Houston
Free People Searches
USTP Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
The Federal Judiciary Homepage
Southern District of Texas Home Page
Investigator's Toolbox - Online Resources for Researchers
A Closer Look: Public Records Information Services

PC Games

These are just some of the games I've been into lately. I get frustrated sometimes and research them... these are just some of the links.

Afterlife Gameplay Tips
Scott's Addictions: Afterlife
GamePower - Afterlife (What WE say)
SimCity 2000 Web Sites

Gaming Resources

Guardians of Order
This company has a Sailor Moon RPG that is pretty good. The resource book is excellent. Over the next months, they will be releasing supplements for the system, which I am really looking forward to...

Yiddish Links

A Glossary of Yiddish Expressions
Yiddish Expressions
An Unauthorized Yiddish-in-English Lexicon

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