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Clothing and Costume
By the Ministry of Arts & Sciences for the Kingdom of Atlantia... many links for costumers.
The Costumer's Manifesto
A great resource for costume links.
The Elizabethan Corset Page
An informative page, with paterns and rules of thumb.
The Elizabethan Costuming Page
This is the actual home page for the corset page. It has additional links that are very useful.
An Anachronist's Encyclopedia - Clothes
Numerous links to clothing sites, everything from kilts and 12th century garb to Elizabethan.
Renaissance Costume Page
Links to 16th century northern european Renaissance costume references.
Calafia: Costumers Guild
How to Make Arthurian Costume
RenFest 101: So You Want to Go to a Renaissance Faire
Medieval Costume Do's and Dont's
Anglo-Saxon Dress for Men and Women
A nice essay on dress in the 9th century. It has pictures and describes the differences in clothing between social ranks. Not a "how-to", but it has the necessary background information that any costumer would need in making truly authentic garb.


Elizabethan Blackwork Embroidery Archives
A very fine site, offering a variety of reversible patterns.
Medieval/Renaissance Embroidery Homepage
History of Embroidery
Master Richar Wymarc's Medieval Embroidery Webpage
Bayeux Tapestry Images
Good pictures of the panels comprising the tapestry.


An SCA Handweavers Bibliography
Tablet Weaving Archive
An SCAer's delight.
Bonnie Datta's Weaving page
The Weaver's Hand
An Introduction to Inkle Weaving
Tablet Weaving Patterns
TurnStyler 1.0
Hey! Here's some software to keep the twists in line. There is demo software, but is always nice to support the creator...
Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
Homepage Kurt Laitenberger
Nice samples of woven bands... not yet in English, but he's working on it.
Tablet Weaving Archive
Tablet Weaving
I have this link mostly for the pictures.
Tablet Weaving Information
Adventures in Tablet Weaving
Birka-Style Tablet Weaving Recipe
Tablet Weaving Patterns
1998 Tablet Weaving Adventure in England and Holland
Virginia Corman's Tablet Weaving Patterns
Brocaded Tablet Weaving
Three Recipes for Fourteens- and Fifteenth-Century Tablet Weaving
Tablet Weaving
Tablet Weaving Simulator
A Java-based applet. I haven't actually tried this one, but it looks interesting.
Tablet Weaving, Continuous Warp
Tablet Weaving Theory
A Saxon Threaded-In Tablet Weave
Eachna's Tablet or Card Weaving Page
Weaving Links
Warp Weighted Loom
Great pictures!
White Wolf and the Phoenix
Stefan's Florilegium: Medieval Looms

Spinning and Dyeing

Handspinning with a Drop Spindle
Serves as a short introduction. Has a couple of books listed.
Spindlitis help page
How-tos on using a drop spindle.
Let's Ask Stefie!
A "Dear Abbey" style format for fiber arts such as spinning and dying fibers.
History of Dyes from 2600BC to 20th Century
Dye Recipes from the Innesbruck Manuscript
Spinning and Weaving
Compton's Online Encyclopedia entry for spinning and weaving.
Celtic natural dying, etc.
From Caveman to Chemist: Dye
Natural dying with recipes.
An Historical Overview of Dyes, Dying, and Fabric Colors in the Renaissance
Medieval Gardens
They kept many types of plants in their gardens, and some were used in dying cloth...
Kathryn of the Hills' Dye Book
Covers instructions for dying, mordanting, and making dyes.
The Woad Page
I heard that this plant may be considered a pest in my area... and therefore illegal to propagate? Be responsible and check on it before you grow it.


A Few Medieval Braids
Textile Resources for the Re-enactor
Ravensgard Costuming and Textiles Page
Gavvin's Keep: Ladies' Solar

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