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September 22, 1999

  • Added the names of the new Baronial Champions to that page.
  • Rotated out the old champs to a new page to archive their names for posterity.
September 21, 1999

  • Swapped out Event page to archive since Defender is over.
  • Removed Yoshi's name from the Officer's Roster. Installed Niklas as the new Senechal, and Brian du Val takes Yoshi's other jobs.
September 16, 1999

  • Updated E-Domesday with new entry.
September 15, 1999

  • Put new IE5 button each page.
September 13, 1999

  • Added a Zipcode field to Domesday Submission Form.
  • Added first batch of Domesday submissions sent to me.
  • Set a default of TX for State code in E-Domesday Form.
September 10, 1999

  • Added a page for an electronic Domesday Book, and a form for submitting information for both the permanent and electronic items.
  • Added E-Domesday Book to all menus.
  • Corrected Official Document Page, as there was a duplicate link for the page in the menu in place of a link to the Baronial Champions page.
September 9, 1999

  • Corrected a problem in which the text accompanying the counter were black on black.
September 8, 1999

  • Updated the information for the Defender 1999 event.
  • Added Baronial Champions Page and added links from menu for all pages.
  • Corrected links on menu to Official Document Page.
  • Added a page for Other Useful Stuff. At the moment, it contains a brief SCA glossary and a FAQ.
September 2, 1999

  • Changed the embattled top of each page to CSS in order to make viewing similar on IE and NS. Much improved on NS.
  • Added hover pseudo class to menu buttons. They turn red onMouseOver.
  • Grayed out choice for page in menu that you are on. It was confusing with the gold one.
  • Changed font of menu and bolded it to make it easier to read.
  • Added an Official Document Page
August 3, 1999

  • Fixed link on people.html to point to event page.
  • Added page for Defender XVII.
June 4, 1999

  • Added stat counters to FAQ, New, and Glossary.
  • Corrected stat counter reference to the Officer's Page, Events, and Guard.
  • Added Sir Timo as the new Raven's Heart Pursuivant.
  • Created an Event Archive Page and added A Day at the Manor to it.
  • Removed A Day at the Manor info from the Events page and put a link to the archives page. Also indicated that Defender was the next regular event scheduled.
June 2, 1999

  • Added the Quartermaster position to the Officers page.
May 24, 1999

  • Added publication release for Quoth the Raven in Word and text format.
May 21, 1999

  • Added Jeremy Meaux's email to the Officers and Guard Pages.
  • Noticed that the Officers page was not defaulting to Garamond. Corrected the oversight.
May 20, 1999

  • Decided to add "What's New" page after visiting Skeldergate webpage. That's why there is the catch-up during the inception phase of the page building.
May 19, 1999

  • Re-coded tables to make border go to the footer statements.
  • Changed text body to Garamond, with a default to serif. Noticed a friend had his default to arial, and it looked horrid. ;)
  • Added a counter for the index page.
May 8-18, 1999
  • Numerous changes to tweak the look.
  • Created banner art and added "How to Get Involved", "Baronial Officers", "Baronial Guard", "Upcoming Events", and "Quoth the Raven" pages.
  • Started an SCA Glossary and FAQ page, to be added later.
  • Need to get current listing of Baronial Champions (should be changed after the upcoming weekend anyway, after Manor).
  • Discovered that Netscape has a distressing habit of messing up the embattlement at the top of the page. I recommend everyone use Internet Explorer in viewing these pages, and I put an icon linking to Microsoft.
  • I tested page out on various folk, both SCA and non, to get a little feedback. Looks good so far.
May 7, 1999
  • Site created.

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