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The Barony of Raven's Fort Invites One and All to Attend the

10th Anniversary of the Barony of Raven's Fort

At Defender of the Fort XVII

The 20th Anniversary of the Ravens Fort group and the 10th Anniversary as a Barony will be held at the Stone of Ravens Fort in Huntsville, Texas.

There will Chivalric Combat for Defender of the Fort, Rapier Combat for Cavalier of the Fort, Arts & Science competion for Artisan of the Fort, Kings Lancer and The Academy of the Bow at Defender of the Fort XVII.

Chivalric and rapier combat lists for those that have been fighting for less than one year will be held on Saturday prior to the Defender and Cavalier lists.

The Chivalric Defender will be chosen by challenge matches and melee skill. Rapier Cavalier style of combat will be announced at the event.

Arts and Science displays will be chosen by the skill and talented work put into each entry. There is no theme and documentation is required. Only one entry allowed. There will be a novice and a children’s category.

A feast of grand proportions will be served that evening. It is being prepared by the Lady Jacinth de Warwick. Seating is limited, so reserve early with the Feast Steward. The menu is listed below.

First Course:
Cheese, bread, nuts, mortrews

Second Course:
Cold Sage Chicken, Honeyed Carrots, Almaunde Caudele

Third Course:
Beef Pie, Lemonwhyte, Black Porray

Fourth Course:
Baked Apples and Pears

Clan Cadhla Fitheach will be holding a Torchlight Tourney Friday night at 10:00pm. It will be a Swiss style tourney. There will be a prize for the winner. Sign in will be at troll. Questions concerning the tourney should be sent to Lord Hunaric or to Lord Leovigild.

Following feast Saturday night, Master Sir Kief av Kierstead, Ravens Fort Ravenskald will hold a bardic circle. The location will be announced at the event.

Classes for Reeves and Seneschals are scheduled to be held. Times and locations will be available at the event.

KINGS LANCER will be held in conjunction with Defender of the Fort. Ride for the honor of His Majesty’s Kings Lancer. The course will be an obstacle course to challenge any horse and rider. The current Kings Lancer will not be riding this year, as he will be marshaling and running the event.

ACADEMY OF THE BOW will also be held at Ravens Fort Defender of the Fort XVII. The archery field will be open for shooting. There will be various classes on archery and projectile weaponry held Saturday. Times and locations will be available at the event.

The Stones of Raven's Fort is located east of Huntsville and is a primitive site. It is wet with descretion. Minors must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian or with a notarized Minor Event Waiver and a legal adult.

Pets are permitted only with proper rabies papers, tags are NOT accepted. They must also be on leashes at all times. Site opens at 4pm Friday, closes 2pm Sunday. Horses must comply with Kingdom Equine policies.

Admittance is $5 site, $5 feast. Make checks payable to SCA Inc, Barony of Raven's Fort.

Event Steward: Lord Niklas Vasilievich
(Paul Gilbert)
Feast Steward: Jacinth de Warwick
(Denise Horton)

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